Installing Python on Windows
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How to install python on Windows…

  1. Download the latest version of Python for Windows. Check the box for Add Python to Path.
  2. Python download link

  3. You can run Python commands one line at a time in the Command Prompt window or in the Python IDLE (Integrated Development and Learning Environment) Shell. To run scripts, use the IDLE Editor.
  4. To code in the Command Prompt window:
    1. In Command Prompt, launch the Python interpreter by typing py and press Enter.
    2. Type print('Hello world!') and press Enter.
    3. You should see:
      Hello world!

  5. To code in Python IDLE:
    1. Type IDLE in the Windows search bar.
    2. IDLE launches the Shell window.
    3. To switch to the Editor, open a new file (File --> New File).
    4. Type a simple script e.g.
    5. Save the file in a local folder (File --> Save As)
    6. Run the script (Run --> Run Module)
    7. You should see:
    8. Enter your favorite movie:
    9. Type your response and press Enter.
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