Getting started with OpenRefine
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How to install & use OpenRefine on Windows…

  1. Download the latest stable version of the Windows kit with embedded Java.
  2. Extract the files.
  3. Run openrefine.exe. This initializes in the command line prompt.
  4. launch command line prompt

  5. OpenRefine launches in a tab in your browser.
  6. launch OpenRefine

  7. To open an Excel data file stored on your computer, go to Browse and select a file, then click Next.
  8. Select options for parsing your data.
  9. parse data

  10. To begin data clean-up, click Create Project (top right in tab).
  11. Select a data column such as Author, click the drop-down arrow in the column header, then select Facet --> Text facet.
  12. The data you selected (with counts) is displayed in the left hand pane. Click Cluster and select a method such as nearest neighbor to find clusters of variant data (typically introduced through user-input errors).
  13. cluster

  14. Select the correct value and click to use it as the New cell value (Merge shoud be auto-checked). Click Merge Selected and Close or Merge Selected and Re-Cluster to continue working with the next cluster.
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