Create an Azure SQL database
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Create an Azure SQL database

  1. Sign into your Microsoft Azure account.

  2. Select the ‘Create a resource’ button:

    Screenshot of ‘Create a resource’ button.

  3. Select the SQL Database ‘Create’ link:

    Screenshot of SQL Database ‘Create’ link.

  4. Fill out the database form:

    Screenshot of ‘Create a resource’ button.

    (1) Select your resource group (create one if it doesn’t exist).
    (2) Enter a database name.
    (3) Select the ‘Create new’ server link.
    (4) Enter the server name, username, password, and your location.
    (5) Select the ‘OK’ button.

  5. Select the ‘Review + create’ button:

    Screenshot of ‘Review + create’ button.

  6. Select the ‘Create’ button:

    Screenshot of ‘Create’ button.

  7. Wait while your database is being deployed:

    Screenshot of ‘Deployment is in progress’ message.

  8. After your database is deployed, select the ‘Go to resource’ button:

    Screenshot of ‘Go to resource’ button.

  9. Select the ‘Show database connection strings’ link:

    Screenshot of ‘Show database connection strings’ link.

  10. Save the connection string from the ODBC tab for later use. Download and install the Windows ODBC driver from the download link:

    Screenshot of the connection string window.

  11. Browse back to the screen shown in step 9, and Select the ‘Set server firewall’ link. On the ‘Firewall settings’ page, select ‘Add client IP’ to populate a new firewall rule with your computer’s IP address:

    Screenshot of ‘Firewall settings’ page.

  12. Select ‘Save’ to allow a database connection from your computer:

    Screenshot of a new rule on the Firewall settings page.

  13. Now your new SQL database is ready to use.

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