Create an Azure NoSQL graph database
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Create an Azure NoSQL graph database

  1. Sign into your Microsoft Azure account.

  2. Select Create a resource:

    Screenshot of ‘Create a resource’ button.

  3. Select Create Azure Cosmos DB:

    Screenshot of Cosmos Database ‘Create’ link.

  4. Select Create Gremlin (Graph):

    Screenshot of Gremlin Graph ‘Create’ link.

  5. Complete the form Create Azure Cosmos DB account - Gremlin (Graph):

    Screenshot of <strong>Create Azure CosmosDB account</strong> button.

    (1) Select your resource group (create one if necessary).
    (2) Enter an account name.
    (3) Select your location, capacity mode, and whether to apply a free tier discount for the provisioned-throughout option.
    (4) Click Review + create.

  6. Select Create:

    Screenshot of &lsquo;Create&rsquo; button.

  7. Wait while your database is being deployed:

    Screenshot of &lsquo;Deployment is in progress&rsquo; message.

  8. After your database is deployed, select Go to resource:

    Screenshot of &lsquo;Go to resource&rsquo; button.

  9. Select Add Graph:

    Screenshot of &lsquo;Add graph&rsquo; button.

  10. Fillout the New graph form:

    Screenshot of &lsquo;New Graph&rsquo; form.

  11. Scroll to complete the New graph form, and select OK:

    Screenshot of &lsquo;New Graph&rsquo; form.

  12. Your new graph database is deployed and ready to use:

    Screenshot of a Cosmos DB page.

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